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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Top 10 personal finance blogs globally and why I love them

So happy to say 3 top personal finance blogs are from India.  Indian blogs Bemoneyaware, Jago Investors and Basu Nivesh in the top the list! not being partial at all!

There are several blogs I follow globally, many of them I like just because they maintain a consistency on the subject they cover. Mostly very niche, within the personal Finance, they chose a topic – example – budgeting, loans, spending, investments or insurance. Based on their content, alexa and Moz ranking I have curated  a list of 10 personal finance blog you must have a look. The blogger in the personal finance list belongs to Asia, Europe, Canada, US even India.

1.       The Penny Hoarder - In 2017, Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the No. 1 fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. for the second consecutive year, and #25 on the overall list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. With over 12-17 million reader per month and 1.2 million subscriber, they are in top of their game. The Founder and CEO of the blog, Kyle Taylor is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder & CEO of The Penny Hoarder. The blog cover huge array of topics from freebies, discount deals. The blog makes money interesting, catchy and funny.

     This blog enjoys an amazing ranking of 3,686 in the United States and global ranking of         14,637

2.       Bemoneyaware Being an Indian, its giving me great pleasure to list this blog on the top. The author, Kirti is a mother of 2 kids and a software professional. Having faced difficulty in the financial processes, in field of investing and other mundane transactions, she decided to start this blog, and this is one of the highest  ranking blog in India as well as globally.

     #The top Indian personal finance blog currently enjoys a Indian Rank of 5275 and a                  global rank of 68,800

3.       Jago Investor – An Indian finance blog, founded by Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai in 2008) with the aim to educate more and more investors and improve their financial life by imparting financial education among them. They have been writing about personal finance and have been conducting various workshops in different indian cities. They have also authored various personal finance books. They work with clients across India from various cities and have a 10 member team across Pune and Ahmedabad.

The team has written 1000+ articles, 7 books amongst many other achievements.  
    #The top personal finance blog enjoy an Indian ranking of 12750 and global ranking of             163,000 in Alexa

4.  Get Rich Slowly - J.D. Roth. I founded Get Rich Slowly in 2006, published Your Money: The Missing Manual in 2010, created the year-long “Get Rich Slowly” course in 2014, and for four years contributed the monthly “Your Money” column to Entrepreneur magazine. In 2009, for reasons both personal and financial, I sold Get Rich Slowly — but stuck around as manager, editor, and primary writer until 2012. Then I “retired”. (Sort of.) In October 2017, he bought Get Rich Slowly back. The Canby, Oregon born founder has been featured On Forbes.

       #Listed on the top 10 #personal finance #blog, currently enjoys US Ranking – 21,200               and global ranking of 80,000.

5.  Basu NiveshThis is Indian Finance blog is authored by Basavaraj Tonagatti. In his blog, he mentioned that the blog originated from the idea of educating people on personal finance. Apart from being a successful blogger with a big follower list, he is one of the few celebrated Fee Only advisers. (SEBI registered advisor). The blog is 8 year old and doing a great job on creating financial awareness amongst Indians. 
     This Indian personal Finance blog enjoys Indian ranking of 5,942 and a global ranking          of 78,500

6.       FrugalWoods - Liz, better known as Mrs. Frugalwoods, writes about a wide range of topics, including her experiences as a young  parent, her adventures as a novice homesteader, and the financial decisions that made our life possible. Her philosophy is that managing money wisely enables one to pursue unusual aspirations and opens up a world of options for how to live one’s life. She covers a wide range of category including biking, home improvement, health and beauty, holiday and special. Her blogs are engaging and makes me click every hyperlink.

      The blog has a US ranking of 44,000 and Global ranking of 1,96,000

7.       Oblivious Investor  - This one essentially is an investment blog. The author Mike Piper is a CPA and the author of several personal finance books. The point of this blog is to show that investing doesn't have to be complicated. He dedicates this blog to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon following a few principles: Diversifying portfolio, minimizing cost and avoiding media noise.

      The blog enjoys a US ranking of 50,833 and Global ranking of 2,38,800

8.       Afford AnythingThe beauty of the blog lies in its name- Afford anything. Accrding to the blogger -  Afford Anything is a movement rooted in one idea: You can afford anything, but not everything — and that’s true not only for your money, but also your time, focus, energy and attention.
The author Paula Pant has an elaborate CV to flaunt. Besides being the founder of  the award winning  website and a writer she is a speaker specializing in money, business and real estate investing.She has been featured more than four dozen major publications, including Forbes, Fortune,, AOL DailyFinance, Marketplace Money and many more.
She’s contributed to dozens of major websites, including U.S. News, AARP Bulletin, MSN Money, Bankrate, Hotpads, Trulia, Huffington Post etc.  She is the Budgeting and Personal Finance Expert for

     The blog enjoys US ranking (on Alexa) 42,725 and global ranking of 1,61, 600

9.     My Money BlogThe blog is run by Jonathan, based in United State and I've been sharing about money since 2004. He is a self-directed investor, financial freedom enthusiast, and calls himself a perpetual learner.  He is running the blog for 13 years.

      Enjoys a US ranking of 30,674 and a global ranking of 131,485

10.   Budgets Are SexyIt is a 10 year old blog. Blogger blogs with the name J. Money. The blog covers savings, money management and tips. Budgeting is an important part in the blog.

      The #Top personal finance blog enjoys a US ranking of  27,895 and global alexa ranking        at 129,700

   As you are a special reader who have read the whole blog post, you deserve more. Here you go with one more blogpost which I really like for the money management lessons. 
       Squawkfox  - The Author Kerry is a  Financial Journalist and author of of 397 Ways to Save Money. She is a world renouned blogger, and known for her fun approach to personal finance writing reaches an audience of millions around the globe each year and inspires readers to become financially independent. Based out of Torronto, she is a personal finance columnist, TEDx speaker, a money expert on CBC’s On The Money, and a contributor to the Globe and Mail. She has appeared on lifestyle shows The Marilyn Denis Show, Canada AM, and CTV’s Your Morning.

      US Ranking of 89,000 and global ranking of 316,500

Hope you make use of the information from the blogs listed here. I also read many more interesting international blogs which are very interesting, may not have as many followers and views as above blogs. Those personal finance blogs There are many more useful personal finance blogs, let me know if you want to know more about them.

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