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Saturday, November 17, 2018

COCODrive by DHFL GI offers Comprehensive CAR insurance, tailor-made for individual needs

Offers a-la-carte #Comprehensive Car Insurance with 19 add-on covers to choose from 

Vehicle insurance is the only insurance in India which is mandatory. Whether you understand it or not, by default your Car dealer will push you to an insurance agent for buying a car insurance policy, the moment you buy a car. It is almost an automated process of signing the dotted lines without understanding the need, requirement and viability of that product and services. The mandatory third-party insurance doesn’t cover many facets, hence a comprehensive Car Insurance is recommended for the unique need an individual may have.

Though insurance companies provide #Comprehensive Car insurance, it may or may not cover the requirement which suits your need.

 In its bid to provide car owners with best possible solution, COCO by DHFL General Insurance identified the unique needs of the customers and recently launched their comprehensive four wheeler insurance called COCODrive, using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and various other underlying technologies. With an hyper-customisation approach, they have come up with a slew of 19 add –on covers depending on the set of unique requirements an indvidual may have, depending on the vehicle model, the usage, location and individual priorities. Unlike other insurers, COCODrive doesn’t offer 6/7 add-ons bundled in an ad-hoc manner inorder to complete the buying process reduced into a a few minutes affair and neither does COCO encourage third party dealer led sales that leave customers confused.

With an A-la-carte approach, COCO by DHFL GI encourages customers, vehicle owners to buy this online Car Insurance taking some time understanding the product and how one can take maximum benefit out of it. The personalized car insurance product  encourages car owners to understand each add-on  one can choose from under this  comprehensive car policy and also the common exclusions under vehicle insurance which helps customers get the best deal for the best cover. The aim of the insurer here is to simplify the insurance process and making it an engaging and customer friendly experience, along with reducing the chance of issues  when it comes to claim settlement.
To make the process easy  and hassle-free, the claim settlement process has been made simpler. A customer can click a few pictures of the damaged car and initiate the claim –settlement process himself/herself.   

Listing down the  19 add-on features one can choose from. The choice can be made  as per your requirement. These are too informative to not mention here in this post.
This CAR Insurance is definitely a life-saver as the add-ons include - Zero Depreciation insurance (recommended for new cars upto 5 years), Key & Lock Replacement (recommended for expensive cars), New Car for Old Car, Tyre Replacement Cover, Consumable Expenses as well as Engine Protect option (recommended for flood prone area).

The insurer knows that its not only the car, because an accident costs much more than that for an individual/ familyr. COCODrive has introduced EMI Protector, Outstanding loan protector, Accident Hospitalisation costs, Enhanced Owner Personal Accident, Enhanced Paid Driver Personal Accident Enhanced occupants cover, Hospi cash,  Personal Belonging Protector etc. The damage a family may suffer due to an accident may be very painful, but the insurer is aiming to provide a 360 degree coverage to protect the customer from an unforeseen tragedy.

COCODrive also provides other additional, non-standard add-on covers which may be equally important for some – The personal beloning cover, Road side assistance, daily conveyance, emergency travel and hotel stay, NCB Protector for non-metalic repairs and NCB protector cover etc.
Finally, I came across as a product which would have answer for every query and a solution for every worry a car owner may have. A thumbs to COCODrive by DHFL General Insurance by MyMoneyStreets

You can visit their website at: 

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