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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What a dollar can buy you in India? Wish I had Dollar shop!

Well Folks! 'Dollar' is the "New Gold", skyrocketing at 72-73, Dollar -rupee relation is strained at an all-time high, the imports are under watch, RBI is stressed, price of diesel and petrol giving the citizens nightmare. But, my post, as usual, will focus on the positive side of the story. India is witnessing a high remittance, means, the NRIs are sending money home! If we have an NRI relative or, for some reason you have accumulated some 'dollars' in your pocket, let us see the things you will be able to buy with a 'Dollar' in India. Just making lists under various heads which are part of our daily lives. 

I divided it in ten heads focused on the daily living habits - 

1. Reading
Amazon e-Books - You get host of them from different genres and different authors! you can get physical versions as well. Top best seller e-books - Bahubali - Rise of Shivgami, Chetan Bhagat's collection of 7 books, Speed Reading, all these come well below 1 dollar. Isn't that cool! you can read all  of them on your phone or a Kindle Reader. Saves space and keeps your books with you all-time! 

2. Hygiene -Hygiene is the most important part of our day to DAY living, we need to buy many things to keep ourselves neat and clean. Items like tooth brush, tooth paste, coconut hair oil, hand sanitizer. Detergents, Toilet cleaners all from renowned brands etc within a dollar. 

3. Groceries and snacks - The daily pantry supply we need at home can run into a big list.Cow/ Buffalo Milk come for less than a dollar, Dozen of eggs, raw veggies like - Potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato etc all come in a decent quantity. 
In the ready to eat segment, our ow Indian Bhelpuri, Maggi, Egg Roll, Pani Puri for 2, Veg Patties, Mc. Donald breakfast burgers, and lot many options.

4. Recreation and Entertainment - You can get a Ludo board game, Cards, UNO Set, Mini Chess boards from neighborhood stores within a dollar. You can also play online video games and watch premium Video content in a dollar.

5. Transport

Pubic Transport in India is affordable. You can take the luxury rides in a dollar here. Ola/Uber/AC Taxi ride - For about 4 kms you can ride within dollar. Ride in an AC Bus - Well in Mumbai You can travel a good distance within a dollar. Ride in AC Train - Churchgate to Mumbai central costs you less than that. Even, you zoom past between from Ghatkopar to Varsova (Mumbai, India) in AC Metro train in less than a dollar. Isn't that dearth cheap in one of the largest and expensive cities in the world!

6. Health and wellness - Health and wellness doesnt have to be expensive, Band-aid, Borolonene, basic OTC medicines and nutrient supplements, 

7. Beauty and grooming - Beauty and grooming - Amazon has lot to offer within dollar 1. from make-up blender sponge, glue for artificial eye-brows, Himalaya Kajal pencil and lot more

garden shopping dollar 1
8. Jewellery and Accessories - If you are getting crazy with my post, let me tell you I have curated this list after browsing throw Amazon shopping, neighborhood shops, D-mart Supermart, Train hawkers. And feel proud to say that India has lot to offer you in 1 dollar.
In a mood for a long bike ride, get  this @Rs. 62 at Amzon India

You get many items in the handy accessories, Amazon really surprised me with the list it offered, I still feel its overpriced at Amazon, but, the point is - even Amazon have products below Dollar 1.  
9. Gardening and home decor
Are you a garden enthusiast? You can buy various seeds of your choice from Amazon store. You can also get fertilizers and sprinklers below dollar 1. 
Besides, you can buy a mini rose bouquet for a Dollar, you can buy some small show-piece from roadside hawkers. And You can try some DIY decor ideas within this budget and using some re-cycled items. 

10. Office stationary

Last but not the least. Hey! I am not boring, the office is almost my second home. Spending 9 productive hours of the day, Office desk/ Work station is important part of our life. So let me tell you the list of things I found we can buy for a dollar. Guess what, plenty of office stationary we can purchase in a dollar, in-fact we can buy many items together in a dollar. A Stapler, Parker Pen, A5 - 150 page note book, A box of pencil, a pair of scissors and the list goes on.

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