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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Did you know "Addiction" costs one half a million rupee in 10 years on an average!

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Saving money is not attractive to many of us. For a few, it is old school. Being spend thrift and a shopoholic is a in-thing, it is a difficult challenge I am urging my millenial friends to try. Its cool to spend on recreation, food, travel and shopping etc. But if somebody maintains a minimum discipline in the way they manage their money. For starters, let us look at few things we consume can be expensive for our pocket

Cigarettes - A life-threatening addiction is quite common. A stick with an average cost of Rs. 15 per piece, 10 cigarette a day costs Rs. 150. A month supply costs about Rs. 4500. And year supply? A whopping Rs. 54,000. Without calculating interest loss or inflation on cigeratte prices, a 10 year supply would cost about Rs. 5,40,000, more than half a million rupee!

Alcohol - Another unhealthy habit, some term it as a social "thing" comes expensive on pocket. Even one is a weekend drinker, ends up spending 1000 per week per person, the hangover led laziness costs extra on ordering fast food. If one is a regular on it, even in moderation, costs nothing less than Rs. 4000 per month, makes it Rs. 48000 a year. 

So, now the point I am trying to make here is the reducing and ending these addiction and channelizing these addiction to something constructive. Let us look at 5 good things we can do with a sum of  money 48-54 thousand Rs.

Gold - with saving money, one can buy about 14 gm of Gold,  Rs. 32 Thousand for 10 gm, .

A trip to GOA for 2 - mind you a good one with return air tickets from Mumbai and 4/5 star accommodation for 4 days and sight seeing.

Buy LED TV / Furniture - often these products come within Rs. 50000. And many ends up taking a EMI option or Credit card deffered payment route. It costs a high interest rate. It can be easily paid by cash and ease burden by just maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping addiction away.

You can buy grocery for 4 with this moneey for 3 months, and the list can go on. The point here is putting money to a constructive use, may make your life happier.

Take up a challenge of Cigarette fasting for a month, every time you get the urge of smoking, put that Rs. 15 in a piggy bank, and lets see saving that money have what kind of effect on you.

Keep Saving. Have a good life

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