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Monday, October 29, 2018

10 things you can do with your old phone

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The other day, I was just checking the exchange value of a two year old HTC phone, perfectly functional, never went for a repair, all functionalities intact. To my surprise, Nokia offered me Rs. 1450 for that phone. I must say I checked online. So, there were nobody checked my phone and its condition, a random price popped up, yet as I was searching the deal on internet with the phone, AI ensured that the deal was for the same phone and model number I was checking for. I was impressed by the technology Nokia used to confirm my handset detail. However, disliked the fact that my careful handling of the device didn't fetch me a fair price. I took it upon myself to find out how well I can use this phone as a spare handset, and if it would be value for money deal for me. And here are my findings, many of the functions don't even need internet connection.

After re-checking the functionalities, I have noted down the things I will be able to do which will not only be beneficial, also will save me good money.

1. Calculator - In a daily mundane work, you need calculation every now and then. Be it calculating for grocery buying to checking the compounding effect of your long term investments. This function come handy all the time.

2. Digital Note book - if you have a habit of forgetting or you suddenly remember some important work, you just scribbled it down in the digital note. It may not be an exact function, you may use gmail, Microsoft word etc. as an option. The point is you have a handy digital note book. 

3. Calendar and Organiser - From an alarm to health tracker, it can do a lot for you. The phones are unanimously voted as the most important material object in one's life. With the functionality of the smart phones, its even more. If you have an android phone, google pull all the data from gmail and other apps make a note in your calendar, if you have not noticed that yet, check it out. Additionally you can put reminders for meetings, alarm to wake up etc. It works like your personal assistant without a visible reccurring cost.

4. Extra files and folders - for saving photographs, important scanned documents. After data, storage is next more important thing in life. The phones more than functionalities priced on the amount of space it provides. So, if you have a smart phone, it will come with some memory. So the memory itself is the value for money option for saving your important data files, photographs etc. 

5. Browser - A smart phone is equal to mini laptop/ work station. If your old phone doesn't have any technical issue, you can use it for your daily browsing needs. Research says, on an average millennial spends a significant waking hours in web surfing. So put your old phone to task, give some rest to your new phone.

6. Camera - Data, storage and camera are top priority while buying a phone. If your old blessed with twin camera, with over 5 - 8 mega pixel configuration, please dont sell your phone. It can be used for taking selfie and other photography.

7. Radio and musical device - are you a music buff? Most of the phone comes with an inbuilt radio. Just put o  the headphone, it will work like an antenna. Additionally if still have a spare sim, you can definitely diwnload the music app of your choice and listen to as many hours as you want.

8. Personal theater - with Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube need I say more that it is your personal theatre. You can also save movies in video formats and watch online. The best part is you dont have to fight for the remote, adjust with family members or roommates for keeping TV on for longer hours etc. Infact, many are opting phones over Television set for binge watching. 

You can also watch recreational and educational videos among others.

9. Shopping assistant - The days are gone when people used to plan for grocery and  home shopping for weekends. You just can keep bunch of apps on your phone like Grofers, BigBasket, FlipKart, Amazon, FreshMenu and Myntra. Then shopping out is just a choice or option not a neccesity.

10. Spare phone - Last but not the least. It is your fall back option if your phone faces some technical issue or lost etc. To sum it up an old phone still holds a lot of value, think before you opt to exchange it for a small money to buy a new phone.

There are many cool way of saving money, it need not be boring and stressful. Saving money is fun and makes one responsible. For the journey of Financial freedom, saving money is a first step. 

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