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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Save money smartly with digital wallets

When banks are in news for charging customers under unheard expenses, the new found digital payment methods offer some cool in the summer for us. Post digitization drive, there is a considerable amount of competition between the digital wallets for customer acquisition and retention and in the battle, consumer is the clear winner.

The independent digital wallets are fighting head on with home grown banks as well as government baby BHIM and Adhaar PAY. while I wish there is a long and healthy battles between the companies, let's quickly look at how best we can save some smart cash. Every penny saved is every penny earned. And you are much important customer than you think  😊

I am listing down some key ways to earn extra cash using these digital wallets.

1. The referal program - Have a friend?  Refer your wallet to him/ her and get some cash/ discounts on their first purchase. It's the most common feature amongst wallets.

2. Don't forget the joining bonus - Yes, thats right, you are rewarded handsomely for choosing them. Some loyalty points, discounts are mostly on offer. Just do a basic Google to find promo codes /joining offers 

3. Check for the partner offers on discounts - there are loads. Food delivery companies, online shopping portals and many more are queuing up for your attention with attractive discounts by partnering with these wallets. Check out!

4. Keep an eye on the wallet recharge deals - there are many deals floating on the wallet recharge. What you need to do is just Google the recharge "wallet name" coupons, there s A chance you may get some extra cash on recharge, some up to 20%. How that's big!

5. Have you explored Utility payments - Now it's possible to pay your electricity bills with your wallets, besides some attractive offers it saves you from long view and previous time. Time saved is money saved.

6. Have you won cashback on your purchases - big discount offers on airline tickets, movies and other purchase. Not of research always helps.

Hope you enjoy summer and the offers. Have a good time. Happy spending and happy saving.

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