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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Packed for summer holidays? are you forex ready?

It is about time that travelers are set for summer holidays abroad. I am sure the destination, tentative itenary, and bookings must be done by now. Two important things for foreign travel you should carefully plan is a comprehensive travel insurance and arrangement of foreign currencies. 

  • While traveling to other countries, one can carry about USD 3000 per trip as a cash component. Individual limit for forex expenses per year is capped at USD2,50,000 which can be used with traveller's cheque and #Forex-cards.
    In this post, I would like to focus on forex cards, a must hassle-free card for your foreign travel. Forex cards are pre-loaded currency card for your expenses abroad.
  • IndusInd Bank recently launched wherein the travelers can by prepaid forex cards and reload anytime, anywhere. The portal allows a user to carry out the foreign exchange on the overseas trip in an innovative and secured ways.  The portal also allows customers to buy and sell foreign currency with zero conversion charges, send money abroad with no extra charges and processing fee. Visit for a quick process for getting your #forex-card.

    How it works 
    ·     Select what you wanna do – buy Forex Card or cash and send money abroad, the portal fetches the best rates for you
    ·       Complete a few details, upload your documents online and select your preferred mode of delivery
    ·       Book your rate online by paying a token amount, and pay remaining later

     Get your order completed within 24-48 hours
  • Multiple currency cards available in 16 currencies, allows you to add up to 8 currencies at a go. you can reload the card for your next trip from any of these 8 currencies. 

  • Advantages of Indus Forex cards –
    • It is the safest form to carry money
    • It is PIN protected, hence safe and can have configurable spending limits
    • Cards are accepted in establishments like Hotels, shopping centers, without any charges
    • The cards usually offer better rates than travellers' cheques (TC). Travellers’Cheques is  a dying business with very few accepting establishments
    • You can reload currency anytime
    • Better than debit /credit cards which charges extra 2-5% for transaction. Also offers free ATM Transactions. 
    • Also, come with insurance cover, (Customers can buy online for lost baggage, trip cancellation, hospitiasation)
    • 8 currencies available on card and cash. 16 currencies for wire transfer
    Happy holidaying :) 
    Do share your experienes

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