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Monday, January 9, 2017

10 investment ideas for happy 2017

We are living in a very busy world, leading a hectic life, especially in the metro cities. We have friends but no time to meet them, we like cooking but no time to buy choicest ingredients, we love movies but by the time weekend comes we are too tired and withdrawn. It’s one life! We must enjoy!
We should make most of everything we have. We must breathe fresh air, enjoy some music in the rain, laugh out loud with friends around and go on celebrating with the uninhibited spirit of life. However, though my mind wanders around Marine Drive alternate evenings, I am aware it’s not practically possible for a suburban resident. Sigh!
But hey! I may not get all I want at one go, but I will surely invest my time drawing up a list of 10 things which I will do in 2017 to make myself happy. These are definite investment tools,  for a true rich life.

1. Financial security – This is most important thing, having financial security. If your money doesn’t fulfil your basic requirements of life, you may not be in a position to enjoy a lot of things. So, invest some money in Mutual funds, plan your taxes, buy or renew your life insurance and also not to forget the health insurance. Once you have completed these financial commitments, you can be mentally free to indulge in self-pampering all the luxury you want.

2. Health and fitness – Besides buying a health insurance, you must choose to be healthy.  Consider routine medical check-up at-least once a year. Do some physical activities like jogging/yoga/swimming in the morning or evening, it will help in your physical and mental well-being.

3. Books – There is a saying that "dog is man’s best friend." But if you are not very comfortable with pets, you can try Books! Neither does it let down anyone nor does it bite. Go buy some books on fiction, non-fiction, world history or self help book. Choose as per your interest. It helps you groom as an individual. If you are an avid reader, you may also check out on amazon for kindle free e-books. I personally love them. Go for comics, if you like it!

4. Kitchen equipments – This is a little tricky one. Either you have to be a foodie or cooking enthusiast. A new baking tray or an air fryer, it only enhances the look and feel of the kitchen. It also gives you an opportunity to whip up some new dishes in a healthy way for your family.

5. Friends – Please don’t get me wrong here! I am not trying to commoditize friendship. I am just reiterating an old saying, ‘friends are the family we choose’. We should make some time for them to share some quality moments together. Bonding with friends over some food or games, can make you forget stress, let’s you feel light and help in emotional and social well-being.

6. Skills -  If you don’t grow, you are bound get side-lined or obsolete in some cases. It is important to periodically adding or honing your skills to keep up with the pace of time, and sometimes being ahead of the race. So, if you get an opportunity do some training offered by your employer, don’t pass it. You may also take up some part-time or online courses of your choice.

7. Hobby – This is one area of real recreation and sometimes an opportunity to reinvent  yourself. It’s always fresh, always new, it will make you feel good, it will enrich your creative senses and help you deal with otherwise mundane routine. So get ready with your boots for Sunday fishing, paint all your walls to give it a bright look. Do Whatever makes you feel happy!

8. A gadget – This is for the time we live in. It’s cool to have some gadgets on you. By default, we ‘ll have a smart phone, you may take this opportunity to invest in a gadget which interests you. If you are fitness freak you may buy a fitness band, it will track your daily physical activities. You may chose a good camera of you like photography. My personal recommendation is to get a kindle ebook reader for all the book lovers.

9. Gardening – You may or may not have a land patch for this, never mind, the pots are good enough for even vegetables. An amazing stress buster, you won’t be able to control your smiles and twinkle on your eyes, looking at the budding flowers, the growing leaves, tomatoes and mini bitter guards. Watering the plants, removing the dead leaves, cleaning the garden will make you much happier than you can imagine.

10. Groom yourself up, to get in with a vibrant life. Invest some time and money in getting a jazzy haircut, good spa. Some more in buying clothes and accessories to brighten up your look. And as they say shopping, is a therapy! Go indulge!

I like in staying busy and occupied always. But with time I realised, doing things which make you happy doesn’t really tire you. It makes you a happier person leading richer life. 

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