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Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to have a #second source of income? It can be enjoyable too

I keep attempting ways to share the benefits of saving, investing, spending smartly, I just realised there are other ways of generating #second source of income too apart from investing. The way is simple! to just follow your dreams, hobbies and passion. Not only it can earn you a pocket money, sometimes much bigger than that, but can definitely bring in a sense of joy, rejuvenation, recreation which can boost your self confidence. It can work wonders to your daily mundane life! I have collated some of it through my personal experience and first hand experience of friends and acquintances, who made use of these interests. Few of them started as a hobby and continued, few, made it their main proffesion and way of living.

1. Hobby classes - Does it remind you of the leaflets inserts in your daily newspapers? about cookery, baking, pottery, mehendi tattoos and learning English speaking in just 4 classes? yes I am talking about those classes, which are popular in summer holidays. If you love baking, cooking, or any activity which can be taught in few classes and with minimum material and spending. Plan it in the next vacation season. Go print those leaflets

2.  Private tutions -This is a hobby which is nurtured and driven by real passion for it as this is a long term commitment. If you really like a particular subject and having a knack for teaching, you may advertise for it and teach in your free hours over week and weekends to kids or college goers.

3. Blogging and vlogging - A real passion driven hobby it is. Apart from flair of writing, clicking videos, one need to have interest for expressing his/herself in an engaging manner. Monetizing a blog/vlog requires a long term commitment and patience.

4. Photography - This subject is easiest to capture (if you are good at it, ofcourse!) you can build a portfolio on your own by clicking your favourite subjects. For example, if you like wedding photography, make a portfolio of photographs you click on weddings and start out with sharing your work in your network.

5. Painting - Many people don't have the patience or guts to make it a full-time proffesion, yet you can start out again, and making ir your #second source of income. There are network of amature painters, galleries to help out.

6. Entertainment - like playing guitar? piano or a stand comedian? you can earn your way through enjoying weekend evenings by networking and reaching out to the right people and showcasing your talent by teaming up or going solo.

7. Crafts - Like decorating wedding gifts? or love making your own sling bags? why don't you just make samples and start out by sharing it in whatsapp and Facebook groups?

8. Chocolate/bakery/catering - This can be a perfect distresser for weekends. If you have a good networking skill, you can take orders for home bake cookies, cakes, ice-creams. If you are well equipped with infrastructure and helping hands, you can take small weekend party/gathering orders for meals and more.

9. Investing - Like saving, investing? buy high dividend paying stocks, also can opt for dividend paying mutual funds. It will generate you some extra income in regular intervals.

10. Hospitality@home - If you have a big home and can spare extra room or two, you can list yourself in airbnb and other sites to host paying guests for short period of time. If you like cooking, your friends and family goes gaga about your skills, you can also organise paid lunch gatherings over weekends by doing small bit self marketing in your network as well as social networks like facebook, Twitter etc

The above mentioned concepts of earning #second income are easier said than done.These hobbies need nurturing and good networking. The better networking skills pay off. So, keep in touch with like minded people and showcase your talent whenever you get an opportunity. Every effort towards these are worth it, if it makes you happy. Stay happy, stay cool.

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