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Sunday, October 30, 2016

10 things Indians are eagerly waiting for in samvat 2073

Happy Diwali n a prosperous new year 2073 friends. May God bless everybody with all the pleasures in life. With the new samvat we have new beginings, expectations and dreams. In this post, I decided to list down 10 important global and Indian events which will be closely watched by Indian investors.

1. Results of US Presidential election - The most anticipated event of the year set to unfold on 6th/7th November 2016. The fate of two presidential candidates, United States and economy worldwide is set to be deciding its new course. Though Hilary Clinton enjoying a better mindshare of audience, one never knows if Trump wins the battle at last moment and how investors react to it.

2. FED rates - This is one more game changer card US holding close to its  chest. Its been long time that FED is holding rates at 0.5% and the bonds have started yielding negative returns, FED time and again promising to increase the interest rates to boost economy, push inflation upwards to 2% (In the US), if this happens, the funds may see a return to US moment. The event is set for a december date. Hoever, there are many constraints on the same owing to various economic restraints. One need to keep a close eye on this.

3. The BASEL III norm for Indian Banks - Basel III focuses on the capital adequacy of banks primarily on the capital requirements of the banks to deal with various risks potentially faced by the businesses. Banks have been trying various methods from issuing perpetual bonds to selling preferential shares. Having the dates set for attaining the requirements at 31st Macrh 2018, this samvat will give a clear picture as in how efficiently our banking system braces for it.  

4. Defence Initiatives by India - This had been a priority for Mr. Modi for last year as well. Prime minister has been strengthening global alliances of all kinds. Be it developing and improving diplomatic associations or buying global arms and ammunitions. Modi is all set to corner Pakistan. India succesfully conducted surgical strike against terrorists as well as stopped a Hydel Dam project in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. This year Indians will eager to see consolidated action on thhe notorious neighbors. 

5. UP Elections - The most populous state of India, with maximum MP seats and having PM's constituency set for hottest election battle in 2017. The event is already a hot topic with a intternal spat in Samajwadi party, it also can be a game changer of central governement as they have failed in the last five polls.  

6. Real progress @ Make in India - This has been a pureplay by our prime minister. The centre  has gone all out, all major and developing economies has been approached to collaborate and set manufacturing units in last two years in India. This samvat will be eagerly watched out for the real results.

Thanks to Patanjali boom and Pakistan terrorism, there is a common theme growing in general public about avoiding chinese products and buy "Desi". This is easier said than done. But we will definitely more curious on what we are and will be making in India than ever. 

7. GST roll out- GST has been a parliament battle and with each states in terms of revenue sharing. This is a well covered topic by media. All indian states, industries, sectors and economists eagerly waiting for its implementation and the real outcome.

8. TATA &MISTRY Saga - This is just not a corporate battle, this will be a maker or breaker for Tatas, Will there be any change in the way the corporate history been written in India so far? How about investors Trust?? 

9. Reality check on avoiding Chinese goods - China is not sitting back. With  chinese companies investmenting in  Indian startups, PayTM, collaboration with OLA, China gradually but steadily entering India, now with Money. Just saying that "not to use chinese goods" is not at all a sensible talk. We are dependent on them from mechinaries to tubelights, mobile phones to door locks. It is much more deep rooted in our system than we can see. It will be a long time before we see a complete make in India. Matching their prices will be another ball game all together. 

10. The Harvests - Voila! this cannot be the last topic. Definitely not in my mind. The raingod has been generous to India this year. Having doubled my money on Escorts, and the big run I missed on fertilises and fodder socks, there is still much story left. The coming year expected to be a gala for the agriculture Industry. The rural India is smiling again. And we hope for a joyous year ahead.

To conclude, the stocks in technology, banking, agriculture and defense will be on top of my mind.

Have a great year ahead. Wish you all a happy diwali and a prosperous new year. :)

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