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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tata in collaboration with Nandan Nilekni and Vijay Kelkar announced launch of Avanti Finance

In recent past, Ratan Tata has invested in many unicorn technology start-ups, to add to his diverse portfolio, Avanti Finance is the venture in financial services, a dedicated microfinance NBFC. The venture is supported by Infosys veteran and technocrat #Nandan Nilekani and former Finance Secretary #Vijay Kelkar. Avanti Finance is expected to apply for registration to the Reserve Bank of India and will establish operations in this financial year. Avanti Finance, a microfinance set up is positioning itself as an affordable and safe finance company.

The company is meticulously planning to make processes technology driven lowering the operational cost, benefitting the end customers with lower borrowing cost. The company is targeting under-served and un-served segments of Indian population. 

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